1. Become a stakeholder in Central Florida's future.
  2. Innovation is great for our economy.
  3. Flourishing startups supports a flourishing downtown.
  4. Get access to our startup community members for your business.
  5. Build Orlando into the next Silicon Valley. 
  6. Learn about local technology first hand.
  7. Keeps the kids here!
  8. More jobs.
  9. Higher-wage jobs.
  10. Startup businesses diversify our economy.
  11. Startup workers support the arts.
  12. Attract and retain high-quality talent.
  13. Attract more businesses.
  14. Keeps Canvs desk space affordable.
  15. Gives us enough staff to support our programs.
  16. Supports local businesses.
  17. Promotes diversity in tech
  18. Promotes #womenintech
  19. Provides snackage for startup teams.
  20. Another reason for tourism.
  21. Bolsters startup support across the state.
  22. Attract more capital.
  23. Keeps the coffee flowing for coworkers.
  24. Increases the tax base.
  25. Small ideas can blossom into blockbusters.
  26. Contributes to a culture of entrepreneurship.
  27. Adds to the corridor of innovation stretching to the Space Coast.
  28. Helps build top-notch schools by providing jobs.
  29. A rising tide lifts all boats.
  30. Provides a home for budding entrepreneurs of all types.
  31. More work for the creative class.
  32. Free programs for ideation-phase startups.
  33. Launchpad for startups to join advanced accelerators.
  34. Supports Starter Studio as a UCF I-Corps Community Affiliate.
  35. Strengthens the Lean Startup Network here.
  36. Delivers programs for the coder/development community.
  37. Provides a space for tech and creative meetups.
  38. Restores the prominence of the Church Street Exchange.
  39. Adds to the Creative Village vision of an urban destination.
  40. Bragging rights at the next cocktail party.
  41. Supports collaboration between startups and established businesses.
  42. Sustains a nonprofit, evergreen model for startup investment.
  43. Builds our reputation as tech-business friendly for corporate relocations.
  44. Introduces alligators to more people.
  45. Puts our star on the map of innovation in the Southeast.
  46. Even Amazon had to start with one book (Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies).
  47. Demonstrates that a mentor-model for early-stage companies works.
  48. Creates a sustainable pipeline of first- and second-stage tech companies.
  49. Shows we have more than hurricanes.
  50. Warms the heart.